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Stands for quality

Date: 20th November 2023

Client: BikeStow

BikeStow is a premium bike stand brand, founded in 2018 by the Laight family. Most notably, the stands have been featured at the UK’s leading bike event, the annual London Cycle Show for the past two years.

Our challenge

A family-run business, Bikestow wanted to celebrate its 5th anniversary by bringing its look and feel up to date and re-positioning itself as a premium bike rack brand. The original logo was created by one of the founders and while it has done an excellent job to date, part of our brief was to check it was still fit for purpose moving forward. In other words, to future proof the existing logo. The second part of our brief was to explore creative ways to use iconography that depicted the client’s various products, demonstrating how this iconography could be evolved on to packaging.

Our solution:

We developed various creative concepts, but the route which resonated most with the client was a unique typeface we developed, then manipulated to depict the shape of routed products. As a solution it really stood out. We also created a unique icon that was housed within the typography but could also be used as a stand-alone element. Each area of this unique icon was used across the various product packaging.


“We approached Bleat with a simple brief of refreshing our brand to better align with the products we make. Straight away they understood our business, what we stand for, and where we’d like to go – and often better than we do ourselves. It was incredibly refreshing to realise we could trust Bleat with the future of our brand, and let their creative freedom and expertise guide us the correct way forward.”

George Laight – Director, Manufacturing & Design

The results:

Undeniably modern, the brand identity we developed is also tough, durable, and stable. Like the products themselves, it’s an identity that’s truly timeless with a unique typeface and icon depicting the very first stand that was invented, the ‘original’.


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