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Wildcat Bike Packing Chooses Bleat Creative for Rebrand


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In a thrilling development for Bleat Creative, we are delighted to announce our latest client acquisition – Wildcat Bike Packing. Known for their premium quality bike bags and accessories, Wildcat Bike Packing has been a beacon of adventure and functionality since its founding in 2009. Born out of a passion for exploration and the necessity of keeping essentials close, Wildcat’s products are designed and meticulously crafted in Britain, setting the standard for bikepacking, ultra-riding, and long explorations.

A Decade of Adventure and Quality Craftsmanship

For over a decade, Wildcat Bike Packing has been synonymous with quality and durability. Their products are not just accessories; they are essential companions for those who seek adventure on two wheels. The brand has earned its stripes by delivering products designed to withstand the rigors of bikepacking, offering cyclists a reliable solution to keep their essentials within arm’s reach during long journeys.

Why Bleat Creative?

Bleat Creative has been chosen as the creative partner for Wildcat Bike Packing’s rebranding efforts and the rollout of a new website theme. With a proven track record in delivering innovative and visually compelling solutions, Bleat Creative is poised to bring a fresh perspective to Wildcat’s brand identity.

“Wildcat Bike Packing’s commitment to adventure and quality aligns seamlessly with Bleat Creative’s ethos. We are excited to collaborate with a brand that shares our passion for pushing boundaries. Our team is dedicated to crafting a reimagined brand identity and a visually captivating website theme that reflects the essence of Wildcat Bike Packing.”

Scott McKay, Founder, and Director of Bleat Creative

The rebranding project will not only enhance Wildcat’s visual identity but also reinforce its position as a go-to brand for cyclists seeking reliable and stylish bikepacking solutions. The new website theme will offer an immersive online experience, making it easier for customers to explore and choose from Wildcat’s exceptional range of products.

As the collaboration unfolds, we look forward to unveiling a refreshed and dynamic image for Wildcat Bike Packing. This partnership marks another exciting chapter in Bleat Creative’s journey, and we are eager to contribute to the continued success of Wildcat Bike Packing in the realm of adventure cycling.

Stay tuned for updates as Bleat Creative and Wildcat Bike Packing join forces to redefine the brand and create a visually stunning online presence that reflects the spirit of adventure and quality craftsmanship.

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