Extraordinary is our ordinary

A small yet agile team of strategists, creatives, and account managers, Bleat Creative can draw on over 25 years of experience, working on both the agency and client side. Insight is our superpower, and our background means we’re perfectly equipped to understand what’s best for your business, now and moving forward.

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Whatever your pursuit, we empower your purpose.

Over the years we have worked with both regional, national, and international clients in a range of different sectors.


Branding is in
our blood

Bleat Creative was born to give businesses and brands the opportunity to find their voice and tell their story. Today, we’re helping brands across a variety of sectors discover their freedom and true selves through unique, meaningful strategy-led design.

Meet the team

We are a tightknit team, a collective of strategists, brand experts, creatives, and designers with access to animators, photographers, videographers, and every other specialist required to deliver the complete 360 degree marketing experience. This is the team who can help you build a brand that makes a difference. Unlocking growth and helping you reach your full potential.


Scott Mckay

Founder & Director


Andrea McCarthy

Account Manager


Greg Larter

Creative Director


Rob Lewis

Digital Advertising Consultant

Lost in a sea of sameness?

Brands are finding themselves lost in a sea of sameness. Chasing customer preference and market share by implementing identical strategies to one another. At Bleat Creative, we put the unique values of your business at the heart of everything you do. By embodying what makes you different, we can help you can stand out from the crowd and build a business that makes a difference.